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Random Vagueries Art Show

“Remember the time we were at that place and the song came on by that band and that guy did all the stuff ?  Oh yeah, and then that lady came up and went off on everyone for using the stuff that she’d left in that place with the things!”  If you have ever had or heard something similar to the above conversation, then it is likely that someone was playing Random Vagueries.  The object of the game is to so intrigue uninitiated bystanders that they become engrossed in the “story” and want to know the outcome.  The ideal player will weave his or her story in such a way that listeners can understand that something happened, but they can’t quite determine what.  The concept of achieving this result had a considerable influence on the works in this show.

I enjoy working in both paint and digital mediums and often use one to create another – some paintings are based on digital work and images of paintings are worked into some of the digital art.  I usually start with a “real” idea or image, transform it into chaos and then figure out how to reorganize it or add to it in a way that is meaningful to me.  Most of my finished work retains some aspects of the initial chaos while the later ideas are more clearly defined.  The process is somewhat random and the results are often vague, so while much of my art is obviously a depiction of something, one can’t quite be sure of what.  I had fun creating this show and I hope that everyone who sees it will at least be intrigued enough to wonder what’s going on.

I must give the Muse Award to my friend Tami Elaine, on whose excellently ambivalent photography a few of these works were based.

My fine art paintings and digital images are available for sale as prints. If you are interested in purchasing a print or an original, please contact me.